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Leander Fence Experts is here for all of your fencing needs. Serving Leander and the surrounding areas of central Texas. A reliable fence is essential to keeping your property secure and safe. We make it our mission to ensure that our community has proper fences installed so that they can have a sense of security for their property. We build and do fence repair Leander TX on all types of fences. From iron to wood, we are the Leander fence builder for your property. Our team of experts is reliable and trustworthy and will get the job done. If you have any type of fence that needs repairing, or need a new fence built and installed, call us today for a guaranteed free quote.

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If you are looking for a reliable and dependable fence company Leander, look no further. We at Leander Fence Experts have the passion and skills to repair, do Leander fence installion, and maintain your wood fences, wrought iron fences, top rail fences, vinyl fences and any other material you have. We provide fencing services to residential and commercial communities. Our expert team will provide the best solutions possible based on our knowledge, expertise and commitment. We believe that everyone should have quality fences that are built tough so that they last through even the harshest of weather. A strong fence can make anyone feel more secure and that feeling of protection is priceless. Keep unwanted animals, critters, and people out of your property with once of our strong custom made fences. We take care of all fence repair Leander problems and are the experts in the fence industry. Call us today if your fence is broken or needs maintenance and we can help solve those issues for you for an affordable price. We love serving the people of central Texas and our community here in Leander. Let us help fix your broken fence.

wood fence repair Leander

Our team of wood fence craftsmen can repair any damage made to your wood fences. We build, install, replace and repair wood fences and make them look like new again. A wood fence is great for privacy, and security on your property. They are classic and timeless and used by most residential homeowners.

Leander Fence installation

Fence Installation Leander

We at Leander Fence Experts can install any type of fence you need. We make custom fences that are built for your property and can make them out of any material you want. We do commercial and residential fence installations. This includes, chain link fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, iron fences and more.

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Iron Fences Leander

Iron fences are strong, and built to withstand some of the harshest of weather. Our team of craftsmen can install iron fences to help keep your property more secure. Iron fences are perfect for protection without obstruction of views. Our team can create high quality iron fences for your property that will be built to last. Whatever the design you need for you home or business, our contractors can get the job done.

commercial fences Leander

Commercial Fences Leander

Commercial fences are installed to ensure the privacy of businesses without compromising aesthetics. Our team of fence experts installs any type of fence around a businesses property for affordable prices. We offer a large selection of commercial fencing options and our qualified team of professionals is only a call away.

Custom Gates Installation Leander

Leander Gate Builders

Every fence needs a quality gate that allows for access to the property. We are experts in building secure gates that are reliable and custom made. We can build a gate on any type of current fence or new fence. If you have an iron fence, vinyl, or wood fence, we can make gates that fit your needs exactly. 

chain link fence Leander

Chain Link Fences Leander

We install chain link fences in our community that are durable and secure. Chain link fences are perfect for community fields, pools, and schools. If you are in need of a chain link fence contact our contractors today and we will have a free quote ready for you.


Extreme weather of any kind, like heat waves, windy storms, rain and lightening can put your fence at risk of deteriorating and breaking. Even just an old fence without any weather conditions can face age damage. Harsh weather is hard on all types of fences especially wood fences. Leander is no stranger to some crazy storms and heat waves. We are experts in the fence industry, and we know the kind of care it takes to maintain all types of fences. Rain can rust wrought iron, it can damage wood fences Leander TX, and extreme wind can blow a poorly secured fence down. Unfortunately for new houses, builders do not install proper fences in neighborhoods. If you have purchased a newer home, your fence might need some updating. Let us keep your fences strong and sturdy and provide the security that you want with the quality you need. If you need your fence repaired, installed, or regularly checked and maintained, we have the materials and skills you expect fence contractors to have. Our team is highly skilled and always responsive in a timely manner. Our customer service is our priority and we want you to be happy with the job done.

fence installation Leander TX

Need a quality fence built, or repaired? Leander Fence Experts are the ones to call. Getting a job done is easy but getting a job done the right way is what we do every day. Our customers are always satisfied with the job we do. They know they can count on us for satisfactory business. Quality and trust are what sets us apart.


If you are looking for Leander fence repair, look no further. We are the experts in the fence industry. We know how to use every type of fencing material for every different type of fence build. We promise fence repair and replacement by experienced professional craftsmen. We offer reliable and quick service.


Leander Fence Experts make customer satisfaction our main priority. We ensure your fence is built on your property line, built to withstand harsh weather and definitely beautifully crafted. Our Leander fence builders make communication with our customers a priority to ensure that their needs are met with experienced fence contractors, and satisfaction.

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We are the premier fence company Leander has to offer. We build the finest quality fences, installations, and the best wood fence repair Leander, and service to all of our customers in the north Austin area. Our fences are built by expert fencing contractors and take pride in our craft of making fences. If you are in need of a new fence, gate, fence repair, or a full fence replacement, we are the friendly professionals to help with those needs. New fences can offer your home a unique style as well as security while increasing the value of your home. Our expert fence builders can help you find the perfect fence that fits your needs perfectly. We always make sure that your new fence fits your existing system. A properly installed fence can give you the enhanced security that you deserve. We make sure that every detail is met and that our customers get a fence that compliments their home and adds to its value. When you build a new fence you need professionals to do the job.

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Without the right experience, building a fence and installing it yourself can ultimately lead to having to replace it again earlier than expected. DIY-ing a fence installation yourself without the right knowledge and tools, can potentially be dangerous if not installed properly. The fence could possibly easily come down in a storm if not secure. An unsecure fence can cause a lot of damage and harm and could hurt someone that is nearby. This could be costly. Getting your fence repaired before it needs to be replaced also lowers your costs significantly. A full fence replacement can be prevented if the right team does a quality job making the repairs to your fence. Our fence repair team knows everything about the industry and can make repairs in no time. Your fence is a great investment in your property and should be secure without sacrificing the beauty of a new fence. If you feel like your fence is beginning to have damage due to age, weather, or other circumstances, it's important to treat those issues quickly in order to minimize the effect it can have on the entire fence. Call us Leander Fence Experts today to get a free quote.